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Last week the weather was warm, but Sunday night, Mother Nature surprised us with a dumping of fresh snow.

Some areas got 2-3 inches (5-7 cm) some areas got more.

Our lawn care technicians were out last week to start fertilizing a few lawns.

One of our techs went by one of those lawns today and snapped a photo of a healthy white lawn. The snow cover won't last long, the fertilizer granules will wait under the snow until the time is right.

Spring is coming!

Snowy lawn care

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Saw a dandelion in bloom today- 

First Dandelion of the season

It was growing right up against a 3 storey building. That wall faces Southeast- so it would be fairly sunny there. Full morning sun. No trees to shade the lawn there.

First Dandelion of the season

I didn't expect to see weeds flowering this early- it is only March- but in the lawn care business - one has to be prepared for surprises- Mother Nature always throws you a curve- and I suppose it is spring and it is Easter weekend this year.

Turf King recommends that a full season program of regular high quality fertilizations along with regular treatments to manage the weeds will go far in helping you to have a lawn you can be proud of.

In Ontario, Fiesta is currently the only legal herbicide that show any significant results in getting rid of dandelions.

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